Welcome Back, Dragons!

August 17, 2018

Welcome to the 2018-19 School Year from your TCIS Counseling Team!  We are excited to work with students and families to best meet student needs as we start this new school year.  Please feel free to reach out to us with your questions and concerns throughout the year. Our Counseling Team roles have changed a bit this year:

  • Ms. Kimberly Eggleston:  Gr. 10 MYP & DP/College Counselor (L-Z), Co-Head of Dept.
  • Ms. Janet Hong:  Gr. 10 MYP & DP/College Counselor (A-K)
  • Ms. Susan Kim:  K-5 PYP & Gr. 6 MYP Counselor
  • Ms. Jinny Lee:  Counseling Assistant
  • Ms. Kyungah Rhee:  Gr. 7-9 MYP & Asian College Counselor, Co-Head of Dept.

The school year is off to a good start with New Student Orientation and Returning Orientation.  We also had our Senior College Kick-Off night last week. Upcoming events include:

  • Junior Retreat : August 31 – September 1
  • Senior Individual College Meetings : throughout the Fall
  • College Fairs at TCIS : September 11 & September 18 (YES, we are hosting two college fairs this year!  More information will be announced soon.)
  • Junior College Night : October 4 (This is a change from previous years, and we are excited to start the college search process with Juniors earlier in the school year.)
  • PSAT for grades 9-11 : October 10 (More information to come.)
  • College Application Workshop : October 10 (More information to come.)

Blessings to our TCIS families in the coming year.  We look forward to working closely with you.


Your TCIS Counselors


February Counseling Update

We hope everyone has been staying warm despite the cold stretch throughout January.  The cold weather always seems like a good excuse to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book on a lazy Saturday afternoon. 🙂  We wanted to update you on some of the events in the Counseling Department since we returned to school after the Christmas holiday.

PYP:  Mrs. Kim continues to work with our youngest TCIS students both individually and in the classroom.  She recently completed an anti-bullying campaign where all K-5 students signed a pledge to stop bullying.  Now she is beginning a unit on emotional management; students are taught a three-part process to identify and deal with strong emotions appropriately:

  1.  Stop and Think
  2.  Name the Feeling
  3.  Calm Down – breathe, count, positive self-talk

Take a look at her beautiful bulletin boards below….

PSAT:  Students in grades 9-11 received the hard copy of their PSAT results this month.  MYP Counselor, Mrs. Eggleston, visited both 9th and 10th grade classes to tell them how to interpret scores and how to utilize Khan Academy as a free, online study tool for SAT preparation.  Students in grade 10 were given further insight into standardized testing for the college/university application process.  Students in grade 11 collected their results from the Counseling Office.  

DP Registration:  For students in grade 10, DP Registration is in progress!  DP/College Counselors, Ms. Hong and Ms. Cachero, presented important Diploma Program details to students and parents on Feb. 1 and 2.  If you missed the presentation, it is posted on Schoology.  Students will meet individually with the Counselors after Lunar New Year to go over their individual plan and to get their questions answered.  

Career Day:  On this special day, students in grades 6-12 will get an opportunity to hear from visiting professionals about their various careers.  This year’s theme is:  

Learn…for a lifetime. Love…what you do. Lead…into the future.  

If you are interested in presenting to TCIS students about your career and/or career journey, it is not too late.  Please contact Kate Oh in Marketing at ohk@tcis.or.kr .

College Kick-Off for Juniors and Parents:  Please save the date for this event on Thursday, March 1 from 6:30- 8:00pm.  You will gain important information about the entire college search and application process.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Blessings to all our TCIS students and families!

Your Counselors 🙂

Fall Counseling Update

As the weather has cooled here in Daejeon, the Counselors have continued to support students across the grade levels.  Take a look at what is going on in each division:

PYP:  Mrs. Kim has continued to visit each classroom every other week and teach her students important life lessons.  Most recently, she is doing a Child Safety Protection Unit.  Additionally, she has helped her students gain a deeper understanding of empathy and what it means to be a good friend.  She has also done some anti-bullying lessons.  See the pictures of her beautiful bulletin boards below.  

MYP:  Anti-violence and anti-sexual harassment lessons took place in October for all high school students.  Middle school students looked at this issue in November and have one more session to go.  Students have learned how to identify harassment, how to respond to it, how to help a friend, and how to set appropriate personal boundaries.  Mrs. Eggleston also went into the grade 10 Learning Labs to help students learn more about their interests and strengths as related to careers.  Students were then given the opportunity to research careers.  This information will assist students as they get ready to begin the DP course selection process after the New Year.

 DP:  In addition to the high school anti-violence lessons (see MYP section), Education USA presented important scholarship and financial aid information to our students and parents on Oct. 12.  Many colleges have continued to visit TCIS–giving students an opportunity learn more about these schools.  Our College Counselors, Ms. Cachero and Ms. Hong, have been busy helping students meet Early Action and Early Decision deadlines–reviewing essays, finalizing applications, and writing letters of recommendation.  Students with Regular Decision deadlines in early January should make sure to see their College Counselor before the winter break.

As we get ready for the end of a great semester, we feel thankful for working with each of our students and families this fall.  We wish you all a blessed holiday season with family and friends–Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


TCIS Counseling Hosts a Successful College Fair

Congratulations to Cherry Cachero and Janet Hong, DP/College Counselors, for a very successful Second Annual College Fair with over forty universities represented!  A diverse group of schools from three continents (Europe, North America, and Asia) all came to TCIS to share about their schools.  Students were actively engaged in learning more about these universities, and college representatives were impressed by the questions our students asked.  In addition to students, parents were given the opportunity to talk to representatives and attend three information sessions:  College Admissions Process, How Applications are Evaluated, and Financial Aid Process for International Students.  TCIS invited local schools in order to share this valuable resource with our community and showcase our beautiful campus.   TCIS students, faculty, and parents represented our school well, and the universities look forward to returning next year.  





Counseling Update 8/29/2017

We hope everyone’s school year is off to a positive start.  Counseling has been busy helping students get adjusted to the new school year, changing schedules, and meeting with students and parents.  Here are some highlights from each level:

PYP:  In addition to helping the little ones deal with separation anxiety, Ms. Kim has started guidance lessons with her students.  Her first lesson, Skills for Learning, helps students with listening and focusing skills so that they can start the academic year off in a positive manner.  Check out her beautiful bulletin board.


MYP:  As our new Counselor, Mrs. Eggleston, has started with introducing herself to all grade 6-10 students through classroom guidance lessons.  (Ask your child/teenager about making paper airplanes…with only one hand!)  She also has been checking in with new students individually and meeting returning students.  On August 24, she hosted the new students and Student Ambassadors for a pizza party–a great opportunity for everyone to get know know each other better.

DP:  Ms. Cachero and Ms. Hong jumped right into working with Seniors and hosted their annual Senior College Kick-Off night.  They, along with Ms. Rhee (our Korean/Asian College Counselor), are now working individually with those students who are applying to college Early Decision or Early Action.  Planning for TCIS’s Second Annual College Fair is underway.  

TCIS’s Second Annual College Fair!
All Grade 9-12 students and parents are invited!
September 11, 2017 at 12:15 – 2:00 pm
TCIS Activities Center

Welcome from your TCIS Counseling Team!


Welcome to the 2017-18 School Year from your TCIS Counseling Team!  We are excited to work with students and families to best meet student needs as we start this new school year.  Please feel free to reach out to us with your questions and concerns as the year begins.  Our Counseling Team includes some TCIS veterans as well as one new Counselor:

Ms. Kimberly Eggleston:  MYP Counselor, Co-Head of Counseling Department
Ms. Janet Hong:  DP/College Counselor (A-K)
Ms. Susan Kim:  PYP Counselor
Ms. Kyungah Rhee:  Korean/Asian College Counselor, Child Protection, Local Transfer Support, Co-Head of Counseling Department
Ms. Cherry Cachero: DP/College Counselor (L-Z)
Ms. Sue Young Jo:  Counseling Assistant

Blessings to our TCIS families in the coming year. We look forward to working closely with you!

2nd Annual TCIS Career Day: Initiate Your Future!

On Wednesday, February 8th TCIS hosted its second annual career day.  The counselling team worked with the Career Day Planning Committee for the past year to host this special event for grades 6-12.

Career Day is an integral component to the Counselling Department 6-12 College and Career Curriculum for students.

The day started with grade 6-12 students hearing from 2 Keynote Speakers; Ms. Cyndi Mitchell, CEO/Founder Ayuda Heuristics, and Mr. Isaac Kim, Managing Editor and Policy Analyst Institute of Korean Studies and Ministry of Unification.

After keynote speaker presentations, the grade 6-8 students broke up into their homerooms and completed Naviance Career lessons and the 9-12 students sat in on 3 workshop presentations of their choice.

We are thankful for all the presenters and PTA who helped make this one of a kind special event possible.  The counselling department has already started planning for next year’s Career Day!